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Domino A200+    Inkjet Printer For Sale

Domino A200+ Inkjet Printer

100-120V; 4A 50/60Hz 200-240V: 2A 50/60Hz Unit turns on and load program All front panel buttons are responsive Not tested to print Unit looks in good shape and is complete except for missing print head front plastic cover All external side connectors...

Videojet EXCEL 2000 OPAQUE Opaque Inkjet Printer

120 VAC. Excellent cosmetic condition. Very clean unit internal and external condition. Unit powers on and reports a ''no signal'', ''transfer request too long fault'' and ''fluids request too long fault'' messages (ink and make-up fluid were empty)...
Leap Frog CreatrHS 3D Printer 120 VAC T128507 For Sale

Leap Frog CreatrHS 3D Printer 120 VAC T128507

Unit turns on  We were able to move head to home and move it to each corner Printing head and table not heating up but heating elements tested good  Display and front controls working food  Unit looks complete with...
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