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Tennant  355    Sweeper Rider For Sale

Tennant 355 Sweeper Rider

We ran this unit outside our warehouse and it does clean but surely needs some maintenance. Motor running but needs a tune up  Brushes are in good condition and turning  Fair overall physical condition  Unit needs some repairs and...
Drieaz F232-SP    Dehumidifier Console For Sale

Drieaz F232-SP Dehumidifier Console 243.6 hrs

Water Removal Capcity: 110 pts/day 115 Volts 60Hz 7.8 Amps Refrig.:18 oz 243.6 hrs 25 Gallons removal per day Tested good in complete cycles Filter and internal parts in good shape Does have cosmetic scratches on plastic cover
Turbo Spin      Filter Fuge For Sale

Turbo Spin Filter Fuge T143729

Motor and table working good  Electircal control in good condition  Unit was apparently used to remove oul from parts  Unit may be missing some components  Time and safety switches disconnected   
Anderson Vreeland 24X30 Plate Washer Unit T113386 For Sale

Anderson Vreeland 24X30 Plate Washer Unit

230 V, 1 PH. Dims are 24" x 12" Drum works well Pump seems to be in good condition All fans are in working condition Oven and exposure units are not working Front panel button and controls are in good condition Electrical Panel is in good condition
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