About Us

Our story begins with our founders Pierre and Norma Hernandez. In 1986 they began to purchase circuit boards and extracting their components, working out of their garage. Slowly building up inventory, vendors and customers, they went on to purchase warehouse space. After 32 years and 90,000 sq. ft. warehouses filled to the rafters, TEAM International, Inc. is proud to bring on a crew of buyers to deliver timely bids to our clients.We are focused on working with manufacturers, warehouses, the oil and gas industry, and other industrial firms to deliver value by getting top dollar for their surplus and scrap material.

With our collective experience of 30 years in the industrial resale market we bring you a new experience where we do the legwork to make sure you receive fair bids and dispose of underutilized or unused assets in an efficient manner, while recovering more of your investment. We recognize it can be a hassle to receive fair bids for your surplus. With TEAM International you can now conveniently submit digital requests for bids, and work with a team that gives you more options.

We strive to be reliable, convenient and secure.

Meet Our Team
Jonathan Pierre Hernandez Operations 9154908818
Diego Vazquez Finance
Gabriel Marquez Warehouse Manager
Francesca Hernandez Internet Auction Buyer
Orlando Escobedo Sales/Purchasing
Geneva Garraton Sales Office