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Shop our inventory for the finest used plastic processing equipment. We take pride in our high-quality plastic processing machinery, and we will always want you to get a deal on your purchase.

From dryers and hoppers to granulators and other used plastic processing equipment, you can trust that TEAM International has exactly what you are looking for. We provide our customers with a fully stocked inventory as well as 24-hour shipping on orders before 2 p.m. MT. Shop our plastic processing machinery today and receive the best customer experience. Do you have questions? Our staff is ready to assist you in the buying process.

Mini-Jector 45    Injection Molder 115 V For Sale

Mini-Jector 45 Injection Molder 115 V T141257

Cylinder, heating element, nozzle and temperature controls in good condition. Timer or cylinder bidirectional valve may need to be replaced. Cylinder is going down but not retracting at the end of cycle (it can be retracted manually applying pressure...
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