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Greystone 2000 Splitter Rewinder T112741 For Sale

Greystone 2000 Splitter Rewinder

220 V 1Ph. 50 Amps Machine seems to be in good working condition. Unit tested without material loaded. It may need some minor adjustment or repairs. All main controls, motor, etc are in good condition. Plastic rollers may need to be replaced.
HHS Promett HMP-04-1X4-PDE Hot Melt Gluer T113373 For Sale

HHS Promett HMP-04-1X4-PDE Hot Melt Gluer

220 VAC 220 VAC 1 PH / 115 VAC 1 PH 1.6 kW, 610 Bar Air Supply Unit turns on with a predefined set-up, increase temperature to 170°C then press 'pump head' to start delivering glue in a constant flow. No manual available. Excellent physical...
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