Need Space?

We have space, and we keep it simple.

Long or Short Term Storage

  • Digital Inventory System w barcoding and traceability
  • Central El Paso Location
  • Transdocking Services
  • Dock High Doors
  • Sprinkler System
  • Security System
  • Barcode your material for accurate tracking
  • Enter into inventory with physical location
  • Provide a report with:
    1. Pallet Counts
    2. Weights
    3. Images

We can

  • Store pallets or machines as they arrive
  • Repack into Metal Stackable Crates
  • Isolate sensitive inventory in one location


  • $100 One-time Processing Fee for each batch of product
  • $5 per pallet per day (standard pallet size)
  • $15 "pallet in" and "pallet out" fee

If you have a specific request, please message us today!